Project Scoping, Design & Management

We work with clients to establish a shared vision for the future of their community and identify aggressive yet attainable objectives. Our team members aren’t just analysts – they’re hands-on practitioners with a track record of successful project scoping, design and management.

Case Studies

Image is everything: Driving economic growth through provincial brand strategies

imageNational Branding is a coordinated government effort to manage a country’s image in order to promote tourism, investment and foreign relations.’Volcic and Andrejevic Before the Department of Public Affairs and Knowledge Management in the Office of the President and Cabinet (DPAKM) embarked on a national branding campaign, they approached AEDS to help them design a programme that would deliver the intended results. Over the course of 2017, AEDS has helped DPAKM to design an economic development programme, centred around national branding to stimulate tourism, jobs and investment.

AEDS helped DPAKM to define the concept note and theory of change for the project. ‘After defining what we wanted to do, AEDS helped us convene a dialogue with key stakeholders, to generate buy in into the national project. They are now supporting us to carry out research which will help us gain insights into opportunities that can be leveraged, what citizens and investors want, and how this can be achieved together as a partnership between government and the private sector’.